Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Tool # 7

Piggybacking off Christen's idea for discussing books on Edmodo, I would like to introduce collaborative writing while writing essays. After setting up Edmodo accounts students will be able to give feedback to each other.

A.  Using Edmodo, students from different classes will be able to read different parts of writing. For example, when introducing claims students can comment if they feel the claim is strong enough to support the paper.

B.  Fall 2012

C.  Edmodo, writing sources, and John O'Flahavan

D.  After introducing claims and discussing what makes a strong claim, students can read other claims on Edmodo and make comments. They may even be able to give ideas for support points. This could be used for titles, conclusions, leads, etc.

E. Will try this with other 4th grade LA teachers.

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